Why Triple-Pane Windows Aren’t Always A Worthy Investment

Why Triple-Pane Windows Aren’t Always A Worthy Investment

When it comes to choosing how many panes your window has, some homeowners automatically assume that they should get as many as possible. This is due to the notion that more window panes immediately mean higher energy efficiency. This isn’t actually the case as whether you own custom windows or casement, energy efficiency doesn’t rely on the number of panes you have but rather, the whole window performance.

In this post, StateWide Energy Solutions discuss what whole window performance is and the reasons why triple-pane windows may not always be worth it.

What Is Whole Window Performance?

For the uninitiated, the whole window performance is what determines your window’s energy efficiency in lieu of the number of panes that you have. When it comes to attaining whole window performance for a window replacement, there are three components that come into play: the window frame, the glass itself and a complete and professional installation. Without one, the other two will become inefficient and will render the whole window performance ineffective.

Why Triple-Pane Windows Aren’t Always A Good Idea

As stated before, the number of panes that your window has doesn’t determine how much energy efficiency you’ll have. While triple-pane windows may outperform double-pane windows, it doesn’t outshine it nearly as much as double-pane windows outshine single-panes. In fact, its increased insulation isn’t as noticeable unless you’re in an area with the most extreme climates and they cost 25% to 30% more than double-pane windows, making them a costly window option compared to the economical double-pane.

When it comes to triple-pane windows, it’s only recommended that you install it if you plan to live in your home for at least another two decades in order to recoup what you invested in energy savings. Triple-pane windows are also a viable option if you want to increase the value of your home by a significant amount with your window replacement project. Otherwise, opt for a double-pane window instead.

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