Video: How to Replace the Sash on a Simonton Casement Window

Video: How to Replace the Sash on a Simonton Casement Window

StateWide Energy Solutions offers window replacement options from Simonton Windows. One of their most popular window styles is the casement window. Its mechanism looks complicated, but it can be replaced in less than half an hour. In the following video, Theresa Clement of demonstrates how easy it is to replace Simonton casement window.


Before replacing the sash, prepare the following:

  1. Tape — Cracks in the window will need to be taped over. Masking or packaging tape can be used, as long as it’s strong enough to hold the glass in as the sash is moved.

  2. Large Flathead Screwdriver — For moving and displacing tabs.

  3. Phillips Screwdriver — Simonton uses Phillips screws for fasteners. A manual screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips drill bit will work.

  4. Small Container — For containing the screws. The same hardware will be used for the replacement sash.

  5. Tool Belt — An optional tool belt can be used to conveniently keep the tools and screws within reach.

  6. Replacement Sash — The replacement sash, as supplied by your local Simonton dealer.

Removing the Old Sash

A quick note: replacement sashes can only be supplied by Simonton so ensure a perfect fit. Custom windows will not be the same size as standard replacement units and need to be replaced by professionals. Replacing a casement window sash is a two-person job; one person has to support the sash as the other performs the following:

  1. Unlock the window and crank it open until the rightmost operator arm is fully exposed.

  2. Place the head of a flathead screwdriver at the hinge between the sash and right operator arm. Pry them apart by gently twisting the screwdriver. Do the same for the left hinge. The other person must continue supporting the sash.

  3. Turn the crank counterclockwise to retract the now-loose operator arm.

  4. Use the flathead screwdriver to pry the locking pin from the third operator arm. Repeat this step for the upper arm.

  5. Slide the sash along the track, away from the hinged side, until a black plastic piece reaches a notch.

  6. Ease the sash outward to remove it.

Installing the Replacement Sash

Before installing the replacement sash, place the old one on a sturdy flat surface, indoor side facing up. Tilt the hinge arms up, and, using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the arm assembly from the sash and set the old sash aside. Install the operator hardware on the new sash. Assisted by the second person, align the black plastic piece against the notch at an angle and slide it into position. Complete the installation by reversing the rest of the removal process.

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