Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Trim

Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Trim

Everything about your window has a purpose. During your window replacement service, you may have noticed the exterior extension of the window frames. You might ask, what is it? You may not know it, but each part is actually a vital component of the whole structure. An example of this is the exterior window trim. In this post, Statewide Energy Solutions discusses this part of your window.

Why Is It Important?

Isn’t it a bit excessive to have another layer of the frame? Absolutely not. Exterior window trims are installed to cover the gaps in the frames to prevent outside elements – such as heat, humidity and water – from leaking inside the house. 

The upper part of the window requires a drip cap to avoid water leaks at the top opening. And the window sill also serves the same purpose, blocking insects, debris, water and heat from leaking inside the home. 

But aside from keeping your home interior safe and sound, window trims also complete the aesthetic look of the window. So it’s a good idea to match its look to your overall exterior design. 

Here are some of the ways you can make your window trims even more appealing. 

Know Your Window Designs 

Minimalistic home designs should have simple window trims. Ranch homes, for example, work best when left unadorned. On the other hand, Colonial and Victorian themed homes require a much more intricate design such as rosettes, fluted and even special trims for custom windows.

Follow the Rule of Colors

Make the frame more prominent when painting the window. This part should stand out to suggest structure in the trim color. Shutters and sashes should be the darkest in the overall color scheme of the window. 

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