The 4 Different Ways Marvin® Windows and Doors Have Improved

The 4 Different Ways Marvin® Windows and Doors Have Improved

The signature Modern product line of Marvin® is one of the best windows available on the market for your consideration. For years, it’s helped bring the modern home together with the Modern Multi-Slide Door and the Modern Direct Glaze Window. Now, however, they’re expanding this product line to include casement and awning windows as well, allowing them to bring more benefits to the modern American home.

In this post, window replacement experts from StateWide Energy Solutions discuss the four ways Marvin windows has improved as they expand their signature Modern product line.

  1. Material – The new casement and awning windows by Marvin boasts a revolutionary high-density fiberglass exterior and aluminum interior, meaning the products are incredibly durable and effective no matter what the climate in your area is.

  1. Technology – As Marvin’s Modern product line expands, they’ll be implementing new technologies that homeowners can benefit from. Their products will now be available with Marvin’s factory-installed Lock Status Sensor, which allows homeowners to have the peace of mind that their windows and doors will be securely closed and locked even if they leave home.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Performance – Marvin’s Direct Glaze window units achieve up to PG40 when it comes to performance. The new Crank Out and Push Out Casement and Push Out Awning, on the other hand, can achieve up to PG50. This means it’s now one of the most energy efficient windows available on the market for you to consider.

  1. Sizing – The new Crank Out and Push Out Casement Window by Marvin is available in large sizes of approximately 9 feet wide and 9 feet tall. The Crank Out Awning Window, meanwhile, is available in sizes up to 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, making it a large window that can provide you with enough natural lighting that you’ll rely less on electricity during the day.

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