Preparing for a Window Replacement Project

Preparing for a Window Replacement Project

Replacing your old windows is a big decision to make for your home. You can reap many benefits from it, including improved energy efficiency, aesthetics and functionality. To make the most of your window replacement project, StateWide Energy Solutions shares how to make it as stress-free as possible.

Preparing for a Window Replacement Project

Prepare the Workspace

Make the installation process easier for your window contractor by cleaning the workspace before the installation day. Remove the clutter — furniture, framed photos or paintings, etc. — that will make the project more challenging or that may delay it. Doing so allows your contractor to move around freely. Plus, this helps avoid damaging your things when the installation begins.

Understand How Window Replacement Works

What are the things to expect when replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows? A window replacement often involves sanding, stripping, priming and even painting. These activities, however, allow dust or paint to fall on your floors or underneath the windows. To avoid this problem, use plastic sheets, drop cloths, or carpet remnants to keep the area clean. Most professional window installers come prepared to this themselves, so clear the space where they might put the sheets.

Choose the Right Windows

With the wide array of options, many homeowners find it difficult to choose the right windows for their home. Make the best choice by considering style, material and configuration. Remember, however, to pick window units that match the architectural requirements of your home. StateWide Energy Solutions offers a range of window styles that can fit both traditional and modern homes.

Set a Reasonable Budget

In any home improvement project, creating a realistic budget is a must to ensure success. Homeowners, however, should also make wiggle room in their budget to accommodate unforeseen changes or additions.

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