Fiberglass or Steel: Which Is Better for Your Entry Door?

Fiberglass or Steel: Which Is Better for Your Entry Door?

Steel and fiberglass are considered two of the most reliable entry door materials today. Their strength and durability are often the top-most reasons why homeowners choose either of them. In this article, StateWide Energy Solutions, a local contractor specializing in custom windows and doors, shows how fiberglass and steel entry doors stack up against each other based on various qualities.


Fiberglass can last for several years without shrinking, cracking, warping, or splitting. It can also withstand severe storms or humid climates proving their adaptability in any weather condition. Similar things can be said about steel, but one disadvantage of this material is its susceptibility to rust. Apart from that, though, it doesn’t crack or warp — especially if it’s a 20-gauge steel.

Energy Efficiency

Both steel and fiberglass doors are more energy-efficient than traditional wooden doors. However, fiberglass offers more energy-saving benefits than steel due to its long life span and ability to perform under any kind of weather. These are also the same qualities that make it a reliable material for making energy-efficient windows.


Maintenance isn’t a hassle with either types of entry door. Fiberglass doors only need to be wiped down regularly and repainted every few years or according to your preference. Steel doors, on the other hand, don’t require regular cleaning, but it’s essential to keep them well-oiled.


Steel doors typically provide better protection than fiberglass because they’re thicker and harder to break into. Meanwhile, fiberglass is easier to manipulate.


If you’re comparing low-grade steel with fiberglass doors, the disparity in terms of cost is usually negligible. But if you’re looking at top-of-the-line steel and fiberglass doors, fiberglass would have a significantly higher price tag.

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