Do You Need to Replace Your Front Door?

Do You Need to Replace Your Front Door?

Your front door can say a lot about your personality – your taste in design, colors, class and character. And it’s probably the first thing that your guests will notice. Aside from the house façade, your guests will most likely look at the quality of your front door when they’re waiting for someone to open it. So there’s no wonder if this seemingly trivial part of the house leaves a lasting impression during their visit.

Aside from that, your front door also serves as your primary security system. Front doors with strong and durable materials give intruders a harder time breaking into your house. Adding multi-layered locks or barriers further improves safety. 

With all these, it’s reasonable to always keep your front door stylish and strong, or at least free from damage. This is where you should consider getting a door or window replacement service. Statewide Energy Solutions shares some of the reasons why you should consider replacing your front door.

       1. Moisture and Grime Buildup

Forget about aesthetics. The buildup of rust and wear-and-tear signs is already a major concern. It is a problem that compromises the structural integrity of the door, which can weaken your home security. 

       2. Leaking Air and Heat Gain

Many homeowners are getting energy-efficient windows and doors to reduce their electric bills. But your worn-out front door might also be increasing your energy expenses. Drafty doors and windows are the primary cause of heat gain in insulated houses. 

       3. Faulty Hinges and Mechanism

When the appearance of rust and dents are already wearing down your front door, it means the entire thing should be replaced immediately. Dents at the door frame is a major issue in safety and insulation of your house. 

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