Alside® Siding Options: Solid Color and Two-Tone Variegated

Alside® Siding Options: Solid Color and Two-Tone Variegated

Alside® steel siding is made from galvanized steel and combined with a PVC top coat. Its low-gloss finish and colorfast texture give it the look of freshly painted wood, without the maintenance.

In today’s post, your local provider of custom windows, Statewide Energy Solutions, talks about Alside steel siding options.

Solid Color Horizontal Siding

  • Satinwood® Steel Siding – It’s an extremely durable, galvanized steel construction that conceals wall imperfections. The Satinwood steel siding features an authentic wood grain texture. This siding option is available in three unique profiles that complement various home styles. It’s non-combustible and has been tested to withstand hurricane-force windows, with wind force 160 mph.

  • Satinwood Select Siding – This siding option is ideal for areas that experience extreme weather conditions. It works well in high winds, harsh storms, freezing temperatures and even in the scorching heat. Each of its panels is virtually weather-sealed with Kynar® PVDF finish, ensuring long-lasting protection and color performance. Satinwood Select siding is moisture-resistant and doesn’t need caulking. The rigid steels help in hiding imperfections while the joints keep overlaps flat. In addition, it resists fire, hail, mildew, fungi, and termites. At Statewide Energy Solutions, we work with reputable manufacturers to provide you with quality siding and window replacement services. Our team can help you pick and install the best siding for your home.

  • Satinwood Select Seamless Steel Coil – Satinwood Select Seamless Steel Coil offers both style and durability. The steel can be custom formed due to the continuous coil length. This eliminates unsightly seams where dirt can settle or compromise the structural integrity over time. It resists moisture, termites, and mildew. This siding is guaranteed not to rot, split, or crack and doesn’t require caulking.

Two-Tone Variegated Horizontal Siding

  • Satinwood Variegated Steel Siding – It’s manufactured with a double 5” architectural face. This siding option works with just about any home style and performs well in severe weather conditions. Satinwood Variegated steel siding will not rot, flake, crack, rust, or chip. Moreover, it’s corrosion-resistant and non-combustible.

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