A James Hardie® Siding Type for Every Climate

A James Hardie® Siding Type for Every Climate

Every home should be prepared to face every kind of climate. Homes in the south need strong materials for their siding, roof and custom windows that can withstand strong winds, resist the effects of salty sea air and stay tough against humidity and heat that homes in the north don’t normally face.

Thankfully, homeowners and would-be homeowners have a trusted brand available for their home siding needs: James Hardie®.

James Hardie has been in the business of building and strengthening homes for over a century and has developed a line of products built to withstand the high temperatures and varied weather conditions that homes in Dallas, TX, face. 

A product for your region

James Hardie has developed products for every region and climate, all of them promising to deliver top-quality performance that makes spending worth every penny. For homes in Dallas, TX, James Hardie introduces the HZ10 product line, all of which promise the following:

Top-rated resistance against moisture and water damage

Water can damage your home to the point of causing structural problems. This is why you need tough and energy efficient windows. Hardie siding resists water and moisture brought by rains and snow, preventing swelling, rotting and cracking from happening.

Fire protection

James Hardie products are non-combustible. They don’t ignite in the event of a fire, and will not contribute or add fuel to any flame, preventing the spread of fires. They pose no fire hazard to your home and will benefit most homes in hot climates.

Weather resistance

James Hardie siding resists impact damage caused by debris blown around by strong winds as much as it is able to withstand hail damage. These boards are weatherproof and can also withstand severe heat and droughts.

Durable and long-lasting beauty

With ColorPlus® Technology, James Hardie boards look better than other materials longer. Colors are baked-in and are able to resist fading over time. What’s more, James Hardie boards do not attract animals or pests, allowing them avoid damages caused by insects and animals.

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