4 Ways to Make Your Window the Focal Point of a Room

4 Ways to Make Your Window the Focal Point of a Room

What’s the function of your windows? Apart from admitting daylight and ventilating your home, windows are important design elements that can make or break aesthetics. They can also be the center of attraction, especially if they are the unique feature of a room. To make your custom windows stand out, Statewide Energy Solutions discusses how to decorate them in today’s post.

4 Ways to Make Your Window the Focal Point of a Room

1. Use Sheer Curtains

Covering your windows with heavy, thick curtains or drapes will only hide your window’s beauty. Ditch these types of window treatment and switch to sheer curtains. This provides a dainty look to your interior without taking away the spotlight from your windows. Plus, they allow a sufficient amount of sunlight to pass through your windows, creating a warm, airy vibe.

2. Create a Window Seat

For rooms with bay windows, adding a window seat is the easiest way to create a focal point. The extra space that this window style provides won’t only give your home a unique curve, but it can also enhance functionality. Use the additional square footage that bay windows offer as a lounging area, reading nook, or a kitchen banquette.

3. Add Wall Decor on Either Side of the Curtains

To add contrast to your interior, install a few wall decor on either side of the window. This will help add visual interest to the area, which can help highlight your energy efficient windows.

4. Leave Your Picture Windows Bare

Avoid covering your picture windows, especially if they are facing a beautiful view. This helps highlight the scene and create a focal point.

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